Educate: First prompt

Education is one of the biggest needs of the Philippine country and to educate an individual is costly. There may be scholarships and other academic systems in a particular school a Filipino citizen may enroll to but still, poverty is a hindrance. Maybe not to all but it has always been to those who can’t afford the system.

A typical rich Filipino can enroll to any school depending on his likeness about the grounds of  that certain university or college. He can choose having no regards with the teaching but with class that may support the kind of lifestyle he’s in to or the kind of lifestyle his parents want him to have in the mere future. While one Filipino who lived 75% of his life on farm would always question himself about where and what type of school he needs to go to without spending half of his father’s monthly income. It’s not really a problem because the government can support. But, how long will they be? Not every child is highly intellectual. Not every child is composed of a brain that can multi task hundreds of mathematical problems with biology and chemistry. Not everyone has given a gift of knowledgeable minds and not everyone is so fast in learning the skills they need to learn to be able to support the career they’ve chosen. You can simply love math but to be good at it or to be a genius for it takes time!  To educate one’s self is a daily process indeed, because learning doesn’t stop and it’s continually evolving even now that technology is so fast in conquering modern lives.

It is not the country’s fault that one father can’t educate his child just because he lacks financial support. If we ought to go back to day one, the blame should be put to the lazy ones who aren’t triggered to educate themselves while everything is still free and to those who only chose to educate children with parents who have strong and rich backgrounds because they’re so hopeless with the ones who don’t have the standards of such royalty they lived in. How cruel could it be to deprive those who can’t afford? Even Dr. Jose Rizal didn’t specifically said that the type of children he mentioned in his famous words “kabataan ang pag-asa nang bayan” should be those who are rich neither those who are poor. Therefore, only a child who has willingness to educate himself can save the entire nation.

To be educated starts within one’s self. It starts with the willingness to learn.

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